Monday, February 18, 2008

Manure drastically reduces development of lung cancer

Wow! If this is true I've got it made. Sometimes it feels like I'm up to my knees in poop.
In all seriousness. My kids do have particlarly well developed immune systems. I don't keep a very clean house. I don't use bleach if I can avoid it. I let my kids play outside - even (gasp) get dirty. I've often wondered if the fact that they're exposed to so many germs might have something to do with that, this article goes right along with that thought trail. I'll be interested to see what developments the study finds.


Deb said...

Hi Tameson,
Just came across your blog - it's great!

I'm hoping that this article is fact. I should live to be 100 with the variety of manure on this farm. :0)
I can't believe Quinn is 2! I remember when you posted on the NETA group that you were expecting. She's beautiful.


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