Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baby Sweaters

I have 2 cousins who are bout to give birth any day now, and both to girls to boot. I know girls. I have 3 of them, so I know just how gorgeous a little baby girl looks in a lacy sweater. Last month I finished up Sweater #1 for my cousin Emma.

It's an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern from the book Knitter's Almanac :

I used Bernat baby yarn 'cause when it's baby number 2 or number 3 it's all about the ease of laundering. Normally I'm a wicked yarn snob and can't stand acrylic but there are certain circumstances that call for it and secondary and tertiary babies are definitely in that category. I scavenged the buttons off an old outfit I found from the 60's. The fabric a pink gingham, and quite threadbare, was not worth saving, but the buttons were pristine. There are little kitties remeniscent of Peter Rabbit drawings. Here's a shot of Emma at her shower.

So this morning I finished Kerry's sweater. Same yarn (I happened to have a couple extra balls hanging around and each sweater only took one ball). Same pattern - it's a really good one, and I enjoyed making the sweater, plus it was super quick. I had these buttons from a project I had intended to make Sam when she was little but got sidetracked (who me?) and before I knew it, she was too grown up for buttons like that. She loved Sunflowers and daisies when she was about 4 and these were supposed to button a little summer dress. Oh well, they look great on Kerry's sweater now.

Oh there are going to be a couple of gorgeous little baby girls to squeeze before the end of the month! I'll get pictures of the babies in their new sweaters for you.

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