Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Movie

Today is Ali's 10th birthday and in honor of the event I wanted to make the day special. She had invited over 3 girls for a sleepover but only one could come so I took them out to see the new Harry Potter film tonight. We didn't get there in time for the IMAX version so we watched on the traditional screen. It was pretty good though you could tell what would have been 3d in the IMAX. I think we'll go back for the other version later this summer.

I printed out the 4th installmant of the MS3 this morning and I feel kind of ashamed that I'm still on the second clue, and haven't even started the 3rd yet. I'm hoping that I'll get them both finished before clue 5 comes out in 2 weeks, but I have a really good book going right now (New England Year by Hayden Pearson) and the new Harry Potter book should be arriving at Miss Ali's doorstep tomorrow, and I can assure you the world will come to a grinding halt while we delve into that. I'm quite looking forward to reading it with Ali this summer. Hopefully Quinn will cooperate with us more than she has been for my knitting on the MS3.

Happy Birthday Ali!