Friday, January 01, 2016

New experiment

My friends Amy posted about wanting to journal more and that if the day was low key she often felt as though nothing was good enjoy to journal about,  so looked up a bunch of prompts. This sounds great.  So I'm going to try to follow along too. I'm not at all consistent to blogging and often berate myself for not being better at it,  but because Facebook and instagram are quick one liners or just a photo that's where I typically post. So here goes,  the first prompt is goals.

I like to keep my goals small and attainable.  For right now,  I'm going to try to blog at least one a week for the month of January,  that's 4 posts?  I think I can do that.

I'd  like to give more knits for Christmas in 2016, they were so we'll redirected this past Christmas and I feel good about not contributing to the consumer fest that is Christmas in the 21st century.  So I'll be sprinkling mitten projects around the year,  I bought a pattern for my mom years ago and haven't made them,  my niece got me some yarn from Peru,  I want to full circle that back at her and make winter accessories for her or of it.

I'd like to stay on budget for camp, school, and holiday purchases this year so we aren't stressed out,  scrambling to come up with the cash like we seem to do every year.

And my big big goal is that I want to go to the NHA gathering in NY this fall.  I need a trip away by myself. 

So there it is,  my goals for 2016

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