Sunday, January 03, 2016

Biggest Change

Today's prompt is what was my biggest change recently.  Well that would have to be working for North East. There is a whole lot to learn plus I find myself in a constant battle against time. My hours are later in the day, but since Quinn's schedule has not changed  I can't just shift my schedule so I find both ends of the day coming up short. A lot of things I have routinely done for cost savings in the household just aren't happening,  I feel guilty about that and Quinn's homework seems to be suffering.  The extra money has eased things a bit but it's  not a huge relief. I'm hoping I can get into a groove,  I really only have a year and a half before things will begin to ease up. Quinn will be in middle school by then and she'll both have an earlier bus ride plus we won't need afterschool care. I'm also hoping the Y will have some  youth activities by then as well. But also my required time in my current department will be over and I can apply to other functions at the bank so I won't have such a late schedule,  and won't have to take so many calls. So I can stick it out. A year and 1/2 isn't so long.

Today's mundane task will be cutting pallets and moving wood oh joy.

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