Thursday, September 11, 2008

Potatoes and Beets

One of the items I wanted to try for the growing challenge was potatoes. I tried them last year but I don't know what happened to them 'cause when I went to harvest them they weren't there. I think someone, or should I say some thing ate them. So this year I put in a few potato pieces I hacked from some store bought potatoes 'cause the seed potatoes I had ordered were sold out. So anyway I waited until the plants died back. I never did get to hill them, lacking a ready supply of stuff to do that wit and not having the energy/ability/ambition to dig any dirt in the oppressive humidity that was our summer.. So considering I didn't hill them and there were only a dozen or so pieces of commercial potatoes I think I did all right. Quinnie had a blast helping me find them, and she was very proud of her haul.


AliBlahBlah said...

Hi, I blogwalked over from Whoopee. Thankyou for reminding me how much I LOVE digging for potatoes. Not much of that going on here in Southern California (unless I want to water the chuffing things every day!), but it was the closest we ever got to digging for buried treasure growing up in the North of England!!

Melinda said...

I think potatoes were my favorite thing to grow this year. LOVED it. Easy, beautiful plants, and prolific harvest. Can't beat that! Oh, and it is fun to harvest them, too.