Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An actual argument

I have two autistic boys on my bus this summer and what follows is an actual argument they had this morning...

K - "Hey guess what? Did you know..."
E - "not now"
K - "that the.."
E- shoots K a nasty look
**short pause**
K -"Oh, I'm sorry"
E - "I was reading. You interrupted me."
K -"I'm sorry, E. I was just exited about this new book I have. Do you forgive me?"
E - "Yes."

We should spend as much time coaching our non-autistic children on how to behave civilly as we do our special needs kids. The world would be a much nicer place to live if we did.

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ib mommy said...

That's cute! Reminds me of a dinner episode when my kids were about 4 and 2.

Kid one sneezes, kid two says bless you, kid one says thank you, kid two says, you're welcome.

People are always amazed that my kids have such good manners..... I'm always amazed that they are amazed.